Jane Shares Her 5 Tips For Reducing Anxiety

When Jane found Panic Away she found great comfort in the realization that she was not alone. Jane had suffered from panic attacks since the age of 12 and knowing that others were going though the same thing helped her tremendously.  Jane used to have a fear of flying and would not get on a flight. Now, she is married to a pilot and flies at least 12 times a year on both long and short flights. Alongisde the Panic Away program, Jane also discovered many tips and tricks that were valuable tools for her on her journey towards an anxiety free life. Find out what her 5 tips for reducing anxiety are below:

“Once I discovered I wasn’t alone it helped tremendously and the Panic Away course was the only course I ever purchased. When I was at my panic peak I’d spend a lot of time on the forum and when I am ok, I don’t use it. It’s good to know it’s there should I need it.

Now I know it will pass and I’m not alone. I’ve also learned it helps:

1. To get good sleep,

2. To have ave a level of fitness as hyperventilation starts when I’m unfit.

3. To maintain a good weight.

4. To eat regularly and to not skip meals. I keep biscuits or energy bars in my bag if I know I might miss a meal.

5. Writing down my blessings when I feel an uneasiness start. I’m more anxious when I’m unwell which, thank goodness, is rare.

Point 5 is of utmost importance because when you write down your gratitudes you fill your consciousness with positive thoughts and vibes. This immediately lifts your spirits and I feel the calmness seep into me. As a child I’d sing hymns or read psalms from the bible. Anything positive to distract from the attack.

It’s very hard to convince someone in the middle of an attack that it will pass. When you feel like you’re dying it’s hard to think logically. This is the key time to use what you’ve learned. I used to be terrified of flying, afraid an attack would start at 36000 feet. Now I’m married to a pilot and fly at least 12 times a year mostly long haul flights of over 6 hours in length. The trick is to have many and varied distractions. I have my kindle, my knitting, my iPad, where I write affirmations if I feel uneasy

I do not take any form of drugs to control my anxiety. The thought of a drug controlling my problem doesn’t sit well with me. Therefore it’s important I learned to control the attacks naturally.

Thankfully over the years the attacks have lessened and I’ve not had a major attack in over 20 years. I raised my kids to speak of their problems and should they have an attack to call me. Thankfully they don’t have this affliction. I used the lessons of my fear-ridden childhood to raise my children differently and it’s paid off. Im very grateful for that”

Thank you for sharing your story Jane!