"Trust me it gets better" – Louise’s Success Story

Louise’s anxiety got so bad that it prevented her from going to College or Work. She couldn’t go out in public, eat or even just enjoy a movie. After practising the Panic Away techniques and using the forum, Louise now describes herself as an incredibly happy person. She is enjoying work, and living her life.

” My anxiety started back in October, it was so bad, that i had to cancel my plans to go to college, and not go into work.

I thought i was doing good all through november and i got enough courage to fly into work in december. However, my anxiety got the best of me when i went up to work and i was sent home after 4 days because i had a panic attack. It sent me right back to square one, i couldn’t go anywhere public, to eat or enjoy a movie. I thought i had been doing so well but i was back at the beginning. I tried going on long-term anti anxiety meds two times and both times it made it worse and just didn’t help me one bit. So i really started using Barry’s techniques, and learning to accept myself and my feelings. I started talking with a great counselor and journaling really helped me too. I really prepared myself for when i had to return to work again. It had been a whole 4 months since i had done a rotation at camp.

But i just did my first week at work since October and it went AMAZING. I have so much more confidence in myself after getting through it. I was soooo nervous to go on the plane and so nervous to work, my thoughts were going full force a couple days before i went in, but i told myself that i’m safe and it will all be okay. And of course it was! Just shows how bull sh*t these anxious thoughts are, trying to tell you that things are gonna go horrible but they really arent. I finally feel like i’m getting my life back on track, i was in a really bad place the past few months and thought things would never get better and i’d always be like this, but TRUST me it gets better. I know i’m still gonna have my challenges, this is only one week of work and i have tons of weeks ahead of me and trips i’d eventually like to take. It will take time i know, but i know i can do it and if i have the strength to do it, you do too.

This program has helped me tremendously. I met someone on here that helped me out so much, and got me through a lot of tough days without even knowing me, and i’m happy to now call him my friend. There are truly amazing people on here that are brave enough to share their stories and it really helped me when i felt i was spiraling down into darkness, so i wanted to share my story. Trust me theres a light at the end and it will only get better

Anxiety is one of the worst things i have ever experienced, its tough when people don’t understand and you feel alone, but know that you are not. I’m on a high from my success of flying into work, having no troubles there and flying back after i was done my week. I am so incredibly happy, and if you were to know how bad things were for me a couple months ago, you would not see the same person at all”

 If you are reading this and are in the same place that Louise was, battling with panic and anxiety, know that you can get better and you can have your life back. You are not alone in this! 

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